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Check out Agile Writers of Richmond, VA. This is where the Agile Writer Club meets and innovates and creates the Agile Writer Method. You’ll find videos, links, and writerly news.





Over at you can learn more about author, speaker, and publisher Greg Smith. Greg founded Agile Writers in 2011 with the mission to create a method for novel writing that was flexible, understandable, and repeatable. He also heads up the Agile Writer Press where some of the Agile Writers have published their works.



Check out Greg’s movie review site where he and Dr. Scott Allison critique movies based on their heroic content. This hero analysis fuels the Agile Writer Method.



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Agile Writer Press was started in 2012 to publish the result of books created with the Agile Writer Method. Today, AWP offers assisted self-publishing services. Check out the many books created by Agile Writer Press.

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